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What is OnShop?

OnShop is a limited purpose prepaid card comprising a voucher for a set amount, which can be spent by the bearer to the full amount of its value, exclusively on the network of Vendors associated with the OnShop limited purpose network.

Where can I buy OnShop?

The OnShop prepaid card is available at all the Points of Sale associated with the Lottomatica Servizi (LIS) network. Click here to find the LIS Point of Sale closest to you.

How can I make an online payment with OnShop?

Choose the product you want to purchase in one of the associated websites and select OnShop as the mode of payment.
A window will drop down requesting you to enter your 12-digit OnShop PIN number and…the purchase is made!

I purchased an OnShop card worth less than the price of the product I want to buy

For the purchase to be successful, you must buy a new OnShop PIN number.
When making the online purchase, after entering your first PIN number, you will be asked to enter a second PIN number to complete the purchase.

How can I use the residual credit on the card?

The residual credit on the OnShop card can be used whenever you want to make another purchase.
If the purchase is worth more than the residual credit, you can easily combine more than one OnShop prepaid cards in order to make the payment.

Suggestion:it is possible to check your OnShop credit at any time by clicking on "Check your Credit".

When I buy an OnShop card, do I have to pay additional fees or costs?

The OnShop card costs € 1.20, to be paid at the Point of Sale at the time of purchase.
The retailer will have to issue a receipt for this amount.

Can I use the OnShop card to purchase products abroad?

The OnShop card can only be used on websites associated with the OnShop Vendor network. Click here to see the associated Vendor directory.

Does the OnShop card expire?

The OnShop card has a validity of 365 days from the date when it is first used.

How can I check how much credit I have left?

In order to know the OnShop card's residual credit in Euros, all you have to do is enter the PIN number in the "Check Your Credit" window on the website's homepage or click here.

What can I do if I have problems with the service?

Just contact the OnShop Customer Service by:

  • going on the website and filling in the form in the CONTACT section or click here /li>
  • calling the telephone number 199 302 303, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. (the call, entirely charged to the caller, has the following cost per minute, VAT included: from a Telecom Italia landline: € 0.14 with no connection charge; from TIM € 0.35 + € 0.15 connection fee; from Vodafone € 0.41 + € 0.13 connection fee; from Wind € 0.43 + € 0.13 connection fee; from H3G € 0.37 + € 0.18 connection fee); or by sending a fax to the number +39 06/85301068, to the kind attention of the OnShop Customer Service.

In any case, on the customer service application, you will be asked to write in your name, family name, telephone number and email address, in addition to the serial number printed on the card, but do not write in your PIN number.

What will I be issued when buying an OnShop card in a certified Lottomatica Point of Sale?

The Vendor will issue two vouchers:

  • the OnShop card from the Lottomatica Service terminal. This paper card contains all the elements needed to use the service.
  • the receipt for the fixed cost of € 1.20, regardless of the value of the OnShop card purchased.
What is the Serial Number used for?

The Serial Number is the univocal number of reference of the OnShop card.
The Serial Number (and not the PIN!) is the only number to be given to the OnShop Customer Service in case you are asked for information.

Where can I find the certified OnShop vendor directory?

The OnShop vendor directory is available on this website, at the section "Where Can I Buy?".
Here you can find the full directory of associated Vendors.

How can I subscribe to the OnShop Newsletter?

You can subscribe to the OnShop Newsletter here.
You will receive an e-mail confirming the subscription.
Just click on the link contained in the email to activate your subscription.
The Newsletter will keep you informed on promotions, news, special offers and new Vendors.

How can I unsubscribe from the OnShop Newsletter?

To unsubscribe from the OnShop Newsletter, all you have to do is to follow the removal procedure that you can find here or send an e-mail with the cancellation request to

Can I get a refund for my OnShop card?

The OnShop card is not refundable.

Will I be asked personal information when I use the OnShop card?

The OnShop card is a bearer card: it is not personal and therefore can be given or sold to third parties.
Some of the Vendors associated with the OnShop network could ask you to register or enter personal data, especially if they are required to ship merchandise.

I was asked for my OnShop PIN number: can I disclose it?

The OnShop PIN number must never be disclosed to third parties and must be exclusively used to buy on the websites associated with the the OnShop network.
The complete and updated OnShop vendor directory is available on this website, at the section "Where Can I Buy?".